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Age of Empires Dungeon

Unique Unit: Longboat, Berserk
Team Bonus: Docks cost -33%
  • Warships cost -33%
  • Infantry +10% HPs Fedual Age, +15% Castle
    Age, +20% Imperial Age
  • Wheelbarrow, Hand Cart free

Berserk & Elite Berserk
Viking unique unit created in Castle Age. Infantry unit that slowly heals
itself. (The Vikings are the only civilization with two unique units. The
Vikings also recieve a Longboat, which may be built at the dock once a
Viking Castle has been built.)
Created At
Strong vs.
Weak vs.
skirmishers, camels, Light Cavalry
archers, scorpions, cavalry archers, mangonels , Cataphracts
Attack- Forging, Iron Casting, Blast Furnace(Blacksmith)
Armor- Scale Mail Armor, Chain Mail Armor, Chain Mail Armor, Plate Mail Armor(Blacksmith)