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Age of Empires Dungeon

Age of Empires 2 Demo Features
      The William Wallace Learning Campaign - Whether you are a master at Age of Empires and Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome or completely new to real-time strategy games, the William Wallace campaign will teach you the basics, plus you'll see what's new in Age of Empires II. To play the William Wallace campaign, click Learn to Play on the main menu.
      A Sample Random Map Game - This is the heart of Age of Empires II and the variations are endless. You start in the Dark Ages with just a Town Center, three villagers and a Scout. Build your empire to eliminate your two computer-player opponents. To play, click Random Map on the Single Player menu.
      Four-player multiplayer game - Using another sample Random Map, you can join your friends and battle your enemies on the MSN Gaming Zone. To play a multiplayer game, click Multiplayer on the main menu.