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Age of Empires Dungeon

Age of Empires 2 Patch Features
  • The computer player will no longer resign after a few minutes of play
  • You can no longer build a Fish Trap on top of an existing fish resource.
  • You can no longer use a Fishing Ship to construct buildings other than a Fish Trap.
  • When you take over a Farm foundation built by an ally, you can no longer extract morethan the standard amount of food from that Farm.
  • You can no longer build a Farm or Wall on top of a partially cut section of forest.
  • The ability to save and restore a disconnected or out of sync multiplayer game on theZone has been improved.
  • Building foundations now have outlines, so you can now click on them when they arebehind trees or other objects.
  • Trebuchets no longer miss targets that are on a different elevation.
  • single-player game will no longer automatically end immediately after a multiplayergame of Regicide was played.
  • The behavior of the computer player in multiplayer games has been improved.
  • A number of Scenario Editor bugs have been fixed.
  • The resource cost to build a Town Center has been increased by 100 stone.
  • The time to build a Town Center has been increased.
  • For the Teutons, the Town Center no longer has increased range
  • For the Britons, the 50% decrease in the cost to build a Town Center now applies only towood, and this reduction in wood cost is not available until astle Age.
  • The performance of single-player campaign games has been improved, especially onlower-end computers